Your Ultimate Guide to Magical Sage Smudging

Each tradition has its ancient wisdom and practises. There’s no doubt that the usage of sage is no exception. White sage has been used for ceremonial purposes for hundreds of years. While sage is mostly used to harmonise the energy in a  room, it is also widely used to clean bad energy. This earthy, fresh and herbaceous delightful aroma is great for your home, room, or even the office. It can even be used to cleanse your own energy. In this article you will learn more about sage and how to go about the cleaning of your house and even yourself.

What is Sage?

To begin with, it should be noted that sage is considered by many people as one of the essential medicinal plants. The most traditional sage smudge stick is made with White Salvia, one of the most widely used medicinal plants in natural medicine. It gathers all kinds of benefits and no contraindications. Its cleansing and purifying power is vast. In addition, its scientific name is Salvia Apiana and it grows in southwestern United States, mostly in California and Mexico. It can reach more than a meter in height and its leaves are white with particular bluish tones.

White Sage is ideal for burning as incense. Traditionally, Native Americans burned white salvia over a seashell, which represented water. They introduced the burning to represent fire, and by burning the sage, they obtained a white smoke with a unique fresh aroma that represented the wind. Man embodied earth and the union of all the elements formed the fifth element: Spirit. For these tribes, sage was a sacred plant. When it was burned in their ceremonies, they claimed it purified both their physical and emotional bodies.

What is a Sage Smudge stick?

Smudge sticks are aromatic herbs which have been tied together and carefully dried for burning - the process of burning a smudge stick is called “smudging”. 

Smudging is an ancient spiritual practice originating from Native America and has become a popular ritual for people of all backgrounds, beliefs, races and cultures.

White Sage is usually the herb of choice for smudging, but it’s important that the herb is sourced responsibility and of the highest quality. 

Benefits Of Smudging Sage

Most of its medicinal properties are found in the leaves, which have a number of essential oils that provide that distinct aroma. When you burn them, they give off a very pleasant perfume, which ultimately promotes a feeling of well-being, relaxation and a sense of tranquility.

White Sage is useful in times of change, when we suffer from stress or anxiety. Salvia has the power to get rid of bad energies by purifying our vibration and providing mental clarity. This is why it makes a perfect tool to meditate with or to practise yoga. Even to focus while studying, working or trying to relax and perform breathing exercises.

In addition, Sage is very beneficial when taken as an infusion. It is a natural sedative, calming the nervous system and controlling anxiety. In short, smelling it may have similar results, which explains why it feels so relaxing to be around with.

5 Benefits of Smudging Sage

While there's not countless scientific evidence, we do know that burning sage has been linked to stress relieve and lower levels of cortisol. Its fresh aroma is so soothing it makes it ideal to meditate with. There are dozens of studies that prove how beneficial meditation is for both physical and mental health. We know that sometimes it may be hard to focus and meditate, which is why having the aid of a calm space and the aroma of sage can make a huge difference. Ultimately, its power to cleanse the space and get rid of bad energies can also help you further achieve a deeper connection.

Sage Smudge Benefits:

1. Removes bacteria from the air

According to new research burning sage kills 94% of airborne bacteria. The study also showed that the room stayed almost entirely bacteria-free for 24 hours.

2. It’s a natural insect repeller

The leaves of this herb emit a strong aroma that naturally repel mosquitoes. Burning sage is also a great way to keep mosquitoes away
Improves intuition

3. Many great  spiritual teachers and coaches recommend using sage to increase awareness and induce a deeper state of meditation and connection with source energy. This can significantly help you strengthen your intuition.
Purifies specific objects or rooms

4. One of its main properties is its ability to get rid of bad energy from places, objects and even people. In this article you will learn how to cleanse yourself and your home with sage.
Improves mood and reduces anxiety

5. We all know how good meditation can be to relieve stress and anxiety. Sage has been a great tool to help achieve better focus and immerse yourself into a deep state of meditation and self awareness, which will help you lower stress levels over time.

How To Use a Sage Smudge Stick

Traditionally, people use a shell to fix the sage while it burns, then spread the smoke around. Remember, you are igniting the fire, so make sure you have the right container and stay safe.

1. Make sure the space you want to do the ceremony in is well ventilated - open a few windows or doors.

2. Light your sage smudge stick over a suitable flameproof bowl or container until a small flame has formed. Carefully blow on the flame until extinguished. The sage will then smoke gently like incense.  

3. Walk around the space you want to purify in a clockwise direction, carefully using your hands, fan or feather to spread the smoke into all areas. 

4. Don’t forget to purify corners, windows and behind doors. You can open cupboards and wardrobes if you want a thorough cleanse.

5. Allow a gentle amount of smoke to move around your space, there’s no need to create an unpleasant or uncomfortable volume of smoke. 

6. You may need to relight the smudge stick to make it around the whole space - carefully relight your smudge stick over your flameproof bowl or container and continue your ceremony. 

7. Once you’ve finished your ceremony you can leave the smudge stick to smoulder in the flameproof bowl or container and go out by itself. Only do this if you are able to keep an eye on it at all times Otherwise extinguish the smudge stick by pressing the smudge stick into sand, earth or the flameproof bowl or container. 

Please always be safe and attentive while performing smudging ceremonies. 

Never leave a smudge stick unattended

    Why You Need To Get Sage From Sustainable Sources

    While Sage is nowhere near to extinction, we know the importance of sustainable growth of salvia and the importance of organic herbs. At Tulsi Health we are aware of this, which is why we carefully choose our products and the companies we decide to work with and import from. So you can rest assured you are not only doing something good for you and your mental health, but also, something good for our planet.

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